Winda Garment Cad software

Product details

This is an intelligent pattern design system,its design is base on human-habit, tools are easy to choose and use,it save lot of time for pattern automatical functions, like automatical pattern, grading, automatic sleeve, palch etc., make your job become easy and not easy to make mistake, afterccmpare, use winda CAD system the working efficiency can improve 100%-200% compare with manual and 30%-40% more compare with other CAD system.

Project Introduction

  • MTM : Make To Measure, only input your measurement,you can get your pattern immediately and size grading if you want, any modification is allow here, you are so easy and fast to get new pattern, but no need start the design from beginning.
  • Automatic to make sleeve, cne piece sleeve,two pieces and other fashion sleeve.
  • Powerful templet function, any often-uesd pattem, of the embroidery design,sewing line design efc, you are easy to make here and save to library, easy to take and use for next time,and size can me re-edit.
  • Powerful aptitude pen,only one pen inside have more than 20 function, very easy to switch, only one pen you can finish one pattem, it save lot of time to choose other tools.
  • File can be save and make copy automatically, not easy to lost, also can save by password, good for security.
  • software can be installed any hard disk and save anywhere as your convenience File save and lookup is easity, not like other cad system.
  • Lock pattern,itwill avcid your mistake when edit other patterns.
  • Powerful zoom in and zoom out function, very easy to control, and anytime and anywhere can show what you want, system also suppty shortcut key for all functicns, very easy to select and change tools.
  • Professional dart, pleat, gathering,spread of step you can finish your design; powerful modification funcfion and relative-modification,cnly change one part, all relative part can be change automatically.

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