Winda Footwear CAD System

Features Of System

1. Auto recognition of pattern cuttings by giving an instruction after input and scanning of pattern.
2. Rapid and simple design of half – plane pattern.
3. Automatic linking after random segmentation.
4. Random size arrangement according to object point and grading of uneven arrangement for sale stitched shoes.
5. Data of free setup and grading for height and width of shelf of Frye boots.
6. Direct design of outsole pattern, bottom pattern ,side pattern and shrinkage pattern after input of last pattern.

Winda Leather goods CAD System

Pattern Making System

Quickly Operation

Easy to learn and operate, the users can operate the system well only the experience with the computer.

Curve modification

The curve shape is very complicate for the bag industry; the system supplies the professional tools to change the curve shape to your requirement, the system also can be created the shape automatically as the design.

Digitizer input

It can input the manual pattern to the computer, then you can use all the CAD tools for marker, quickly for productions, or you modify the pattern to get the new patterns.

Pleat functions:

The system supplies the professional tool to make the pleat, it is more accurate and save lot of time if compare with the manual, also you can see the effect during your design.

Marker Making System

1. The system calculates the same fabric nesting automatically, it will accurate the total fabric which you need spread; it will avoid to waste the fabric.
2. The users can choose the different cutting way according the different pattern shape; it is so convenient and flexible.
3. Different color setup for different models and orders, avoids the mistaken.
4. The marker nesting and calculation result can be print out by the mini – printer , it is easy for the communication among different department.

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