Winda High Speed Inkjet Pattern cutter





 Vector:0.0125 Raster : 600DPI

 Plotting speed

 Vector :1200mm/sec; Raster:40-120Sqm/Hr

 Cutting speed


 Thickness of media


 Line quality

 Work precisely, smoothly and no gap between two contiguous sections


 HPGL,PLT [Special format can be back –ordered

 Paper installation mode

 Front or back paper – supply system is optional

 Super functions

 1. Real-time Adjust Speed And Force Accurately.
 2. No-Ink Prompt.
 3. The Capability of Reverse Is Only One in the World.
 4. Memorize Position of Present Plotting Automatically In Whole-Procedure  with Closed-Loop System.
 5. Asynchronous Transfer Mode(ATM),Real-time Error Correction, Real-time  And Bi-Directional Operation.
 6. Advanced differential Graphic Docking and Positioning Technology.

 Machine Structure

 Light air – metal platform, mute high – vacuum suction , originally imported  slide - rail

 Intelligent Cartridge

 Memorize Original point Automatically, Electronic Soaring fit Paper  automatically, Pen-down accurately and plot Clearly.

 Intelligent safeguards

 Over-Width And Over-Length Alarm, no – ink Alarm Over-load Alarm And  Obstacle Alarm

 Paper Availability

 Plotting :45g; cutting:45g – 650g [the custom – order of 650g and up option is  available]

 Power Availability


 Max. paper feeding area

 120cm x 150cm

 Max. cutting and plotting area

 120cm x 150cm

 PC Interface

 RS-232,USB2.0, Bluetooth [optional]

 Operation Keypad

 Separate remote functioning

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