Winda High Speed Pen Pattern cutter

Product details

Winda series cutting machine is consisted by a fixed table, automatic feed-up device and operating software. It is widely used in garment, shoes and box-bag industry, etc. The high quality machine guarantees extreme precision and rapidity.

Technical Features

  • Dual head for drawing and cutting, both head working separately
  • Fully automatic feeding device
  • Cutting material thickness up to 2mm
  • High precision cutting to improve the quality of your product
  • Save cost, save time, save labor force (3~5workers), save energy, save material



 WD-F1209, WD-F1509, WD-F1512

 Cutting speed

 Maximum 60cm/s, average 35cm/s

 Cutting thickness


 Cutting materials

 Red hard paper board, plastic board, white paper board, fiber middle & bottom

 Pen quantity

 Various pen shape, setup of full and half knife

 Applicable pen type

 Common signing pen, oil pen and ball-point

 Measure to fixing paper

 Vacuum adsorption static adsorption

 Mechanical definition


 Software definition

 0.025mm, 0.01mm, 0.1mm optional

 Interface of transmission

 Standard parallel and serial interface


 HP-GL compatible mode

 Digital control panel

 LCD and touching button

 Cutting area

 1200*920mm 1500*920mm 1500*1200mm

 Working voltage

 Alternating current 220±10% 50HZ

 Specification of fuse


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